Moving Beyond Racism Coalition: A Community Coalition dedicated to racial and ethnic peace and justice in Wayne County, Ohio

Recommended Videos

Wooster High School Diversity Video (10 min.)

This is a video where high school students and their counselor expressed their thoughts about what diversity means to them.

Tim Wise on the Rock Newman Show (51 min.)

In this video Mr. Tim Wise, who is white and also the author of White Like me: Reflections on Race from a Privileged Son, talks about the culture of white supremacy and racism, and its effects on everyone who lives in this country. Mr. Wise also addressed recent police killings of African American men.

White Privilege, Racism, White Denial and the Cost of Inequality by Tim Wise (58 min.)

Mr. Wise speaks to the issues of white privilege, racism, white denial of the existence of racism and inequality. Every chance he gets, he reminds his audience that we live in a culture of white supremacy and racism and the privileges it created for white folks at the expense of blacks and browns.

Tim Wise speech on Racism, Eric Gardner, Mike Brown and Ferguson systematic racism (51 min.)

This video is pretty powerful and Tim Wise is at his best again having an honest and forthright conversation about racism and white supremacy in this country. He began by commenting on how white folks essentially look the other way while black folks are being lynched in this country. He likened the recent killings of black men by police as a form of lynching. He defines lynching as the extra-judicial murder of people without a trial for their real or perceived crimes.

On White Privilege and why white people hate talking about it by Celia Edell (13 min.)

Ms Celia Edell is a 23 year old white female and Canadian, currently living in UK where she's studying philosophy. She gave several examples of white privilege and why whites are hesitant talking about them. One example of white privilege she gave is that white criminals are granted the benefit of the doubt while black criminals are put on trials.

The Promise: A Lesson in White Privilege by Phyllis Unterschuetz (12 min.)

Another white woman's perspective on White privilege from a story telling perspective.

Former Racist Reveals Why Some White People Fear African Americans (13 min.)

A white man gives an account of his experiences with regard to race in America.

The Color of Race Problem is White by Robert Jensen (52 min.)

Robert Jensen, who is white, is a Professor of Journalism at the University of Texas Austin. He is also the author of the Heart of Whiteness: Confronting Race, Racism and White Privilege. In this 53 minutes long video, he makes the case that race problem in America is rooted in a system of white supremacy. He argues that even in this 21st century, United State of America remains a white supremacist society materially and ideologically. He argues that even with the enactment of the civil rights laws and the post Jim Crow era, regrettably, this country is still a white supremacist society. He stated that we live in a profoundly unjust society that violates the basic principles that we all hold dearly; and that is the natural laws of equality and inherent dignity of all people. In his conclusion, he maintains that the core of the race problem still resides in the white community, and how does it feel to be a problem he asked. Further more, white supremacy; the idea that nonwhites are inherently inferior intellectually and morally is an illusion, and that the perpetuation of it is unethical Mr. Jensen reasons.